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Working With Exa Microtech

What should I expect?

We get to know each other.

Whether you found us or we found you, we’re talking because you stood out as a great potential fit for a job opportunity. Now we want to get the details about all your skills and experience. More than that, we want to understand your unique needs and personality. Will you need to relocate for this position? What’s your ideal work environment? 

The more information we have, the better prepared we are for the next step. Your Accuro recruiter will be your main point of contact, so feel free to ask your own questions!

We position you for success.

Here’s the main benefit of working with an Exa Microtech recruiter (besides our awesome personalities): we’ve got the inside scoop and close relationships with the hiring managers. We know the ins and outs of the job requirements and will be matching you based on the mutual objectives of you and our client. Once we know what’s most important to you, your Exa microtech recruiter can present you in the best possible light.

Think of your recruiter as your personal coach, or talent manager. They’ll optimize your resume, identify & highlight your most relevant skills, and prepare you for each interview. After we’re finished making you look like the rock star you are, we will schedule your – dramatic pause – first interview!

We guide you through the interview process.

Interviews, especially several of them, can be overwhelming. Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. As you proceed through the interview process, your Exa Microtech recruiter acts as a liaison between you and the hiring manager every step of the way. We’ll provide you with client feedback, suggestions & next steps and address any concerns from either party. 

 As an advocate for both you and the client, it is our priority to ensure that each match is mutually compatible. We want everybody involved to win.

Congratulations - you're hired!

You’ve nailed every interview and accepted the client’s offer. Awesome! For final steps, your Exa Microtech recruiter will help you set up your start date and coordinate onboarding paperwork. 

Once you’ve settled into your new position (yay!), we’ll continue to stay in touch to ensure everything is going smoothly with your new role. 

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